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Aim & Objectives

The programme was designed to enable its products work in quantity surveying firms, building contracting organisations, research institutions and structural engineering organisations.  To enable the programme cope with the requirements of the aforementioned institutions, it became necessary to
increasingly load it with courses of relevance to each of the institutions. This resulted in the overburdening of students with courses that sometimes became irrelevant in their professional careers.

The construction industry is changing and has also become very specialized both in terms of the technology, management techniques and materials used now vis a vis those of the late 1960s and early 1970s, culminating in the need to train students in the new and emerging construction technologies and management techniques of construction resources. This called for the need to mount the new programme.

The Department of Building Technology has also been under considerable pressure from the end the Ghana Institute of Construction to mount a programme that would directly cater for its needs in construction technology and management.