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Currently, the following Postgraduate Programmes are offered by the Department;

  • MSc Construction Management
  • MSc Procurement Management
  • MSc Project Management
  • MPhil Construction Management
  • MPhil Procurement Management
  • MPhil Project Management
  • MPhil Building Technology
  • PhD Project Management
  • PhD Procurement Management
  • PhD Building Technology
  • PhD Construction Management

The main objectives of the programmes, among others, are basically to imbibe in students the:

  • Legal instruments and institutional arrangements essential for successful management of construction processes and modern procurement systems;
  • Economic theory, tools and accounting standards relevant to construction and procurement professionals;
  • Best practices in risk and quality management in construction and procurement operations;
  • Best practices in the management of the procurement process for works, goods and services (including innovative contracting modalities);
  • Design of systems for the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption in construction contracts and procurement in general;
  • Internationally accepted principles geverning sound management of construction projects and procurement systems
  • Skills required for the development of strong research proposals for funding
  • Appreciation of the applicability of various research tools and methods to contemporary academic and industrial problems
  • Proper documentation of research findings and modeling of solutions to construction and procurement problems.


Tuition Fees

Kindly contact the Department for the tuition fees to the various programmes.



ACCOUNT NAME : CAP-Build Tech Parallel Prog.

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0130890651039