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Student Associations

Building Technology Students Society (BTSS)

The Building Technology Students Society is the students’ association under this department. This is mainly the official student body through which concerns are channelled to the authorities. Issues regarding academics as well as socially inclined activities are handled by this association with its patron being a senior member of the Department.

Its essence is to act as the mouth piece of the student body in the Department. It also seeks to consider and protect the interest of the students in the decision making processes in the Department. Not only does the society take care of the physical needs of the students but also the spiritual needs as well. Exchange programmes, industrial relations and other non academic but equally important facets of the education process in the Department are also within the domain of the BTSS.

The categories of membership are;

  • Senior Membership

These comprise all alumni and post graduate students. They play an advisory role in the society.

  • Substantive membership

This is open to all students of the Department.

BTSS Week Celebrations

Under the auspices of the student society of the department, a week is assigned to students during the second semester of every academic year when students engage in educational and recreational activities aimed at developing other aspects of student life aside academic excellence.

Building Technology Students Society Christian Fellowship (BTSSCF)

This fellowship is the spiritual backbone of the Department. They meet every Wednesday from 6:00am to 7:30am. The meeting comprises of Prayer, Bible studies and Exhortation. The fellowship reports directly to the Students’ Society. However, It has its own set of executives who work hand in hand with executives of the Students’ Society for the wellbeing of the students.