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Head of Department


Head of Department: Prof B K Baiden     Welcome to the Department of Construction Technology and Management (formerly Building Technology).  As a department of distinction, we offer excellent academic environment through our combined team of highly committed and motivated lecturers and staff. Our students, who join us from high school, with technical and science background at the undergraduate level, graduate from the department with exceptional transformational experience that is truly outstanding. Those joining the department at the postgraduate level from the construction and allied industries benefit immensely from high quality teaching and research experience of faculty.

     The structures of course taught on our various programmes demonstrate our immense industrial exposure and academic excellence.  The main aim and focus of our curricula are to equip our students with the requisite skills and competences needed for the transformation and improvement of industry and academia. The teaching and research facilities in the department are designed to bring out the best in our students and orient them to fit into industry without extensive training. They are trained to focus on the development of their organizations and provide the needed leadership.

    We are passionate and committed to providing a conducive atmosphere for excellence in teaching, collaborative learning and research that will contribute to the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. Whether you're starting your education as an undergraduate, or seeking a taught masters’ degree, or a research degree, our department and staff will provide you with excellent support and guidance needed for success.

    As the Head of this truly exceptional department, I welcome you to be part of our efforts to build a genuinely strong  educational brand that is based on sound academic and professional principles. I respectfully invite you to explore our website and department. We will be pleased to provide answers to your enquiries and our friendly staff will warmly welcome you if you choose to visit us. 

Prof. Bernard K Baiden

Head of Department